Papers to be submitted should provide insights or research results related to the themes of the congress.

First, the proposal must be submitted for assessment.

Once informed of their acceptance by the Academic Committee, authors should send their full texts following the format of this template.

The assessment and selection of the work will be undertaken by an international arbitration committee, appointed by the Academic Commission, which will inform the authors of the evaluation results of the paper.

Once the evaluation and selection are carried out, the Academic Commission will announce the schedule of the delivery of papers to the authors.

Authors will receive a certificate of participation. Participants will have 15 minutes to make their presentations in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations of the moderators appointed by the Academic Commission.

The list of accepted papers and authors, as well as the scheduling of the presentations, will be published on the official conference blog.

The themes of the congress are the following:
  1. Media Education 
  2. Children and media 
  3. New languages ​​and new narratives 
  4. ICT Experiences: Journalism and participation 
  5. Media Education Research 
  6. Critical Reading. 


Submission of proposals: 15/01/2013

Publication of results: 15/02/2013

Submission of final papers 25/03/2013


Papers will be presented at several work tables between 24 and 25 April. Each paper will be given a period of 10 minutes to be presented.
Work tables will have a chair and discussant who will lead the session in order to feed the debates, create working spaces and tutor the final papers of participants at MILID Week 2013.